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Poultry Veterinary Care

Some Key Areas Of Focus For Poultry Veterinarians Include


Disease PreventionWe work with farmers to develop biosecurity plans toprevent the spread of diseases. This may involve measures such as controllingaccess to the poultry farm, disinfecting equipment and facilities, and monitoringthe health of the birds.


Disease DiagnosisWe use a variety of diagnostic tools, including physicalexams, blood tests, and bacterial or viral cultures, to identify diseases in birds.


TreatmentWe prescribe and administer treatments for a wide range ofdiseases and health conditions in birds, including bacterial infections, parasiticinfestations, and nutritional deficiencies.


Management AdviceWe also provide advice to farmers on issues such as flock management, nutrition, and housing to ensure the overall health and wellbeing of the birds.

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